Just some quick things about me in case you wanted to know:

I am 20 years old and I live in Whitby, ON, Canada with my parents and younger brother. I am a freestyle wrestler. I am a University of Toronto student completing a BSc in Mental Health Studies and Neuroscience. I work at LA Fitness as a front desk associate. I am currently dating a lovely human being named Brendan Berry. I have a pet panther chameleon named Lotus, who I also consider my only¬†child. I also have two beautiful Havanese dogs named Smurf and Ella, but they are technically my parent’s. I would consider myself to have sort of a hippie/bohemian/sporty style most of the time with the occasional bit of preppiness. I am a gym and fitness enthusiast. I also love to cook and bake, read books, sleep, play my Nintendo¬†when I have the time, marathon Netflix tv series, enjoy the Great Outdoors, and basically do anything involving physical activity.