I am so proud of what happened yesterday in Washington and I am even more proud to be a woman. I’m not usually one to get involved with politics and news around the world, but this event really pulled at my heart strings. Because I, as a woman today, have goals and dreams that wouldn’t have been possible many years ago because of gender inequality.

I wrestle freestyle, which wasn’t even a sport that women used to participate in. Women’s wrestling was only introduced into the Olympics in 2004…. only 14 years ago!! Yet here I am, working my ass off to be stronger, quicker, and more powerful, which are qualities that never used to be associated with women. We are expected to be cute, dainty, and elegant. This should no longer be the standard.

I am also proud to be working towards my education; a privilege that a lot of the women in the world don’t have. It used to be thought that women shouldn’t have careers or goals, we should be at home raising the children, cleaning the house, and cooking dinner for when our husbands arrive home. But I refuse to live my life by this standard. I am going to complete my bachelor’s degree, my master’s degree, my Ph.D., and then I will be working hard in a career I love, and no one is going to tell me that I can’t.

NO ONE should tell ANY woman that they can’t do these things. Or that they’re not strong enough or deserving of this kind of life. EVERY woman is capable of doing anything a man can do, and more!


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