I Love You to the Moon and Back…

My mama and I got matching tattoos on December 23rd (early Christmas present!) and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! Thanks to Brandon from Motor City Tattoos! He made our image come to life in such a beautiful way.

This tattoo has so many different meanings to me, which is why I consider it so special. For one, I got it done with my mother, whom I have so much respect and love for. Out of everyone in my life she has by far had the most influence on the person I’ve become today, and I’m so happy I could share this experience with her. Now we have something beautiful that will last as long as our friendship will!

But this tattoo also has a few more hidden meanings to me… first of all I’m a night owl. I love the night time and I love to stare at the night sky or be outside in the dark. There’s something so calming and mysterious about the darkness. I do my best thinking and working in the night. Not to mention I can’t fall asleep any earlier than midnight so I must be a night person. I also consider owls to be my spirit animal. Like an owl, I am strong, powerful, and wise beyond my years, at least in my opinion. I also like to me alone, in fact I enjoy my own company quite a bit. But I love my family and friends when it comes down to it and I would do anything to protect them.

Aside from all of the deeper meaning, we also thought it was quite cheesy that we chose the quote “I love you to the moon and back” and I have a moon in my tattoo. So it’s a little bit of a pun as well!


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