There are so many ways to describe me that I really don’t think I fit into one description. I constantly contradict myself, and I can be two opposites at the same time. For one, I am intelligent yet clueless. I can tell you how the brain works, yet I cannot tell when somebody trying to drop a subtle hint to me. I am the laziest hard-worker you will ever meet. Some days I make it through training, practice, school and other things and some days I don’t do anything. I just lay on the couch, watch Netflix and don’t feel like moving. I am a princess who likes fancy things, but I also like to shop at Winners and Dollarama. I am both high and low maintenance. Some days I look in the mirror and I can’t stand the way I look, but then other days I think I’m the sexiest thing alive. I can go from being confident one minute to self-conscious the next. I love taking care of people, but I am also selfish. I would do anything for my friends and the people close to me, but I would also do anything to take care of myself and put myself first. Because really, the most important person is yourself. I can be a sweetheart and I can be cold. I can be charming and I can be awkward. I am fun and boring, depending on what mood I’m in. Sometimes I can even be funny. Really I can be anything and at some point in my life have been everything. In a way I would consider myself like a chameleon; I can blend into a lot of different situations. But really I am just myself. I’m not defined by anything and there are so many different ways to describe myself. And I guess that is why I am making this blog, to show that there is no black-and-white answer to how a person should be. A person can be anything, everything and any mix of things, regardless of whether they contradict each other or not. It is quite possible to be at both ends of the spectrum in any aspect of life or personality. It’s okay to just be whatever you want to be. You don’t need to fit into any stereotype or clique, or you totally can if you want. It’s up to you. But I am just myself. I am complicated, yet simple. I’m a little bit of everything.



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